Max Brinnich in Podersdorf

Max Brinnich blickt im Rahmen seiner „Seen Serie“ nochmals auf den Winter zurück. 0 Grad Windchill in Podersdorf, fieser Chop und „frozen fingers“. Jetzt darf aber der Sommer kommen!

Max: “Seen Episode 2 is finally here. For another project we filmed quit a bit – but I would be quite sad to not use this more or less unused clips – so this is a summary of two rainy and fucking cold session in the beginning of March at the place I usually call my home: Podersdorf. Episode 3 will be a very special one btw…and far away from a “normal” Windsurfmovie. It will be out this autumn! But for now: join me on one of those typical Austrian spring sessions: gusty, windy, rainy, windchill below 0 and crazy choppy – but after sailing quite a lot of really famous spots – Podersdorf is still a place where I enjoy sailing a lot!”