Goya Windsurfing 2016

All new for 2016. The Goya Windsurfing Team around Marcilio Browne, Levi Siver, Jason Diffin or Francisco Goya as been working on the R&D side of things non stop to deliver all new boards and sails for the upcoming season. A bit of that work you can watch in the „SYNERGY“ clip which I posted yesterday. For more please have a look at the Goya Website, which’s as stylish as their products. Distributor in Germany / Deutschland VertriebFreestyleWorld

Video Links Sails : Goya Fringe , Goya Guru , Goya Bounce , Goya Nexus, Goya Mark

„For many years I couldn’t understand how some boards were faster and easier to turn at the same time, today after almost 30 years of designing boards, I feel as I’m finally starting to  understand this feeling we’ve been calling magic. I couldn’t be more stoked to present you with this new 2016 line.

Enjoy the ride – 2016 WELCOME TO THE MAGIC!“ Francisco Goya