NO RULES – a slalom windsurfing documentary

Maciek Rutkowski just finished a „slalom windsurfing documentary“ about the one and only rule in PWA Slalom – NO RULES.  Probably the best video I’ve posted on windsurfnews for a long time – don’t miss it! There’s also a picture gallery with the best „no rules shoots“ collected by Jesper Orth on Facebook

Maciek: „For a long while now I’ve been willing to do some sort of windsurfing documentary-ish thing myself. Didn’t have a clew what the subject might be, but this year in Fuerte the subject hit me (literally!). At first I just wanted to post the livestream recording of the crash in good quality. But then in Tenerife I asked Proffitt, Franky and Sparky to give me a quick introduction to the no rules thing and things started falling into place really naturally. And after 2 days of editing we might just have the best video I’ve ever made. Or at least the realest one (def realer then the SA: Vengeance one haha!). The problem is now I will want to tell a story every clip, so quite likely you’ll never see anything of me ever again hahaha! So enjoy that! :)”

Maciek also launched a new website – have a look at