Ulsan PWA Worldcup – Day 1

Flagge_deutsch Beim PWA Freestyle Worldcup in Podersdorf gab es in den Abendstunden zumindest noch genug Wind für 2 Freestyle Heats, in Ulsan / Korea wo die Slalom Racer gerade zu Gast sind verlief der Tag völlig windlos. Am ersten Tag und mit einer guten Vorhersage für die kommenden Tage in der Hinterhand noch kein großes Problem. So lief die „Registration“ stressfrei ab und viele Racer sahen sich nach der Winterpause erstmals wieder. Optimal für den ein oder anderen Small Talk und Fachsimpeln über das neue Material.

Flag_English The 2015 PWA slalom tour is officially underway as the first event of the season has kicked off. Podersdorf, where the freestylers are ready to compete at least had enough wind for two heats in the evening, the wind has failed to materialise on this first day of the 2015 Ulsan PWA World Cup. The amount of slalom talent that has touched down on Jinha Beach promises a spectacular show once conditions improve over the next few days. Today’s calm gave the sailors a laidback chance to register, catch up with the other competitors after the winter break and prepare their gear for what is to come.

The 2015 Ulsan PWA World Cup also marks the first slalom event since Italian slalom star Alberto Menegatti passed away unexpectedly earlier this year. Coming together for the first time since Menegatti’s untimely death, the sailors paid their respects by using their boards to lay out the Italian’s sail number ITA-4 on the beach. Josh Angulo, Jimmy Diaz and Arnon Dagan spoke a few words about their late fellow competitor and friend. The forecast for tomorrow looks promising and the racecourse is set, so tune in again tomorrow for what will hopefully be the first slalom action of the year.

Ulsan_15_7 Alberto Menegatti – you’re sorely missed.

pics by Eric Bellande / PWA – click for fullsize  | Text: Axel van Weel  | windsurfnews