Youp Schmit – Interview

Flagge_deutsch Youp Schmit ist zurück, denn nicht nur seine Knieverletzung scheint überstanden sondern auch neue Sponsoren hat der 20-jährige Freestyler aus Bonaire zu vermelden und dank derzeit bester Bedingungen auf Bonaire dauerte auch die Veröffentlichung meines Interviews mit Youp etwas länger als geplant. „Sorry, es war einfach zu windig in letzter Zeit“ entschuldigte sich Youp. Genehmigt – jetzt gibts aber alle Infos zu 99 NoveNove und Avanti Sails sowie seine Pläne für 2015

Flag_English Youp Schmit is back. His knee injury seems to finally came to an end and the 20 years old from Bonaire is ready to rock again – with new sponsors. The publication of my interview took a bit more time than expected but due the good conditions in Sorobon Beach Youp simply didn’t found the time. „Sorry, it has been too windy“  excused Youp. But now the time has come – check out our Q&A below.

Youp_2 Cesare Cantagalli | 99 Brand Manager/Founder: “Here at 99NoveNove we have a wide vision about the future with a clear focus on expanding our youth team. We are very selective about who we bring onboard and our communication is centered around having a balance between experienced and up-and-coming riders. Youp is a special talent who is still only 20-years old, and we are very excited to have him join our 99 family. Alongside the experience of Nico, Youp will work closely with Gianni and the team to develop the freestyle line and will represent the brand on the PWA and EFPT tours in 2015. We wish you the best of luck!”.

You have big news to announce. You left JP and go to 99NoveNove. How did that come about?

Youp: „Indeed, big change for 015, and I am really stoked! Kauli Seadi, Finian Maynard, Pascal Torcelli (plus a few others) and now me! All of us join the 99 NoveNove – the brand of the former wave champ Cesare Cantagalli. There’s a lot to come. Stay tuned!!“

Did you leave JP after so many years or did JP not renew the contract for 2015?

Youp: „I had 4 really successful years with JP, and I want to thank them for helping me getting my first years on tour and I think we had great success as well. Due my knee injury last summer I had to leave JP boards but with 99 NoveNove there’s a new door open so I’m stoked and don’t want to think too much about the past.“

What’s your first impression of your new 99 NoveNove boards?

Youp: „My first impression definitely was the design – they look great, hm? With the first production board under my feet I felt pretty comfortable straight away –  especially the pop of the board impressed me. I have to say thate there were small details I didn’t like too much before I got to try a custom board they produced and this felt just awesome under my feet.“

So you will you also take care about the developement of the new freestyle board?

Youp: „For sure!! Together with the 99NoveNove shaper Gianni Valdambrini we’ll develop a new school freestyle machine. Stay tuned!“

click for fullsize – all pics by Markus Seidel

You had a lot of problems with injuries in the past 2 years? How you doing today?

Youp: „I had pretty much injury problems all the time, but last summer it got serious. I had a pretty bad knee injury and had to drop out of 014’s freestyle world tour. Since then I have been working hard to be on top form to make a comeback this year, so far it has been going great! I have been back on the water now for over two months and I gotta say it’s going really good. We’re two more months away from the fist tour stop of the year and I’ll be more then ready by then.“

How are the conditions on Bonaire right now? 

Youp: „The conditions on Bonaire are on fire! The wind just won’t stop! So that has been perfect for my trainings!“

What is coming up next for you?

Youp: „PWA freestyle world cup in Austria is coming up soon! End of april the tour will be starting for us again, I’m stoked! Can’t wait for the day to come already. Follow me on my website

Thx Youp. All the best for the upcoming year!


Interview: – all pics by Markus Seidel with courtesy of Youp Schmit