Nic Hibdige – Video + Interview

Flagge_deutsch Nic Hibdige hat vor einigen Tagen seinen „Winter Clip 2014 / 15“ veröffentlicht, welcher wahrscheinlich den ultimativen Freestyle Traum widerspiegelt. 5 Wochen Jeri und 3 Monate Bonaire – frieren musste der junge UK Freestyler also schonmal nicht. Die beiden Trips waren jedoch nötig, denn der Tabou / Gaastra Fahrer geht professionell ans Windsurfen heran und hat noch sehr viel vor. Ich habe mich darüber in einem kleinen Interview mit ihm unterhalten.

Flag_English Nic Hibdige just published his „Winter Clip 2014 / 15“ a few days ago and the brit’s one of the lucky ones who travelled to Jericoacoara and Bonaire for more than 4 months in total. His moves on video are big and his plans even bigger – Nic wants to turn Pro and we had a little interview about his plans for the future, new gear, summer spots and loads more

What a sick clip of your wintertime in Jeri and Bonaire. Can you please review your winter for my readers?

Nic: „This winter was amazing. As you can see in the clip i was lucky enough to be able to spend time in both Jeri and Bonaire. I left for Jeri Mid october and returned at the end ofNovember so had a good 5 weeks there. When i went to Jeri i took my 4.8, 4.4 and 4.2 with me and 2 90 litre twisters, but in the end the only sail i used was my 4.4 pure. The wind just kept blowing non stop and only had 3 days where we couldn‘t sail. I was staying with Antony Ruenes and Davy Scheffers, sailing with them everyday pushed to to go bigger faster and higher in everything I did. They both motivated me with the crazy stuff they were landing from massive air spocks to huge paskos on the right side. I really enjoyed the conditions in Jeri it was like a skate park, on the way out you have these small kickers to hit and on the way in you can play on the waves and throw big shakas off the back of them. This trip i got super comfortable on my 4.4 and am looking forward to some competition in typical Fuerteventura conditions. After Jeri i headed back to England for a week to prepare for my 3 months on the beautiful island of Bonaire. I have been going to Bonaire since young with my Family and this is where I developed my passion for freestyle, watching Kiri Tonky and Taty and all the locals really inspired me. I took my 5.2 and 4.8 as i knew this was all i would need, even if I would be over powered on my 4.8 my gear would work in lac bay. I spent the 3 months hitting the water as much as possible, this year the wind wasnt as full power as the last but i still learnt alot and wouldnt wish to be anywhere else in the world. The Bay is a paradise and there is always a good vibe on the water, everyone pushes everyone no matter the age or where you are from you are all just stoked to be there. In Bonaire i really improved my consistency and learnt to do all my moves in difficult conditions which will help alot for conditions such as Podersdorf and also started to work on all the double moves on my 5.2.“

What’s your favorite? The strong winds and waves of Jeri or the perfect Flatwater of Bonaire?

Nic: „Honestly its hard to say as they are both Completely different types of freestyle. I love being fullpower and seeing a nice kicker in front of me to hit but Bonaire is a special place and i am really lucky to have expirenced both. Since i have been freestlyling, going to Bonaire has taught me the most, just being able to sail and chill with all the guys there inspires me. So yeah i have to say Bonaire with 5.2 full power.“

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Your moves are amazing. Do you think you can pull them in competitions as well?

Nic: „Thanks well lets see haha, I have been pushing my self alot to train the moves in all conditions and am looking forward to the first event in Podersdorf. The level is super high and with only 3 events on the tour this year im sure everyone is going to rip it up.“

It feels like so many guys from the UK travel to Lefkada / Greece in the summer time. You’ve been there as well or where do you like to spend your summertime?

Nic: „Honestly I have never been to Greece to windsurf, it looks pretty sick and all the UK guys say it is amazing so for sure one day when i can i will go there. The last 2 summers i have been on Fuerteventura and have really enjoyed the fullpower crazy conditons also Bonaire in June can be rad. This summer coming up, after i have worked to make some money, I would like to go to the Canary islands again and spend some time on Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, maybe even Pozo one year to learn how to jump.“

Last year we saw you on the PWA Worldtour in Fuerteventura. What’s the plan for next year? Will we see you on the tour?

Nic: „Last year I was stoked to compete and was happy with my result of 25th, I learnt alot from this event and am looking forward to this years world cup ! My plan, if i get wildcarded, is to do the whole freestyle tour this year and push for a good overall ranking.“

It looks like the EFPT has a decent tour in 2015 as well. How do you think about that and will you join them?

Nic: „Yeah the EFPT looks like it has some really good stops, i would like to do as many as them as possible but it all depends on money. For sure i will be at the event in Lanzarote at the Antxon Otaegui pro centre. Even though last year we didnt have any wind, it was a really fun event.“

I saw you sailing on Starboard and Simmer Style sails, now you’re on Tabou and Gaastra – how did that come about?

Nic: „My first support for windsurfing gear was from Starboard and simmer which they helped me with discount. Now I am riding for Tabou/GA sails and I am super happy with the gear and hope to have a future with the brand. Mystic have always supported me from the beggining which i am super greatful for, they keep me updated with new wetsuits, harnesses, hardware and clothes which i am really happy with.“

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What’s your plan for the future? You want to turn pro or just keep it like a „hobby“

Nic: „Well the dream is to go Pro of course, id love to get paid to windsurf there isant anything else I want more so I will keep pushing myself as much as possible to make my dream a reality. Right now I am still young and would like to see big things happening for the sport and see more and more people inspired by what all the windsurfers do, be it Slalom, freestyle or wave.“

Do you have something like a homespot in the UK and how many days of sailing you can get there?

Nic: „I am from the south coast of England so I can sail most conditions if it is windy, but the last year or so the wind hasnt been so consistent when I am home so I havnt been sailing my home spots as much as I would like too. The usual spots I windsurf are Tanners lane which is just down the road from my house, Avon beach and mudeford harbour. I also like to sail other spots like hayling island and west witterings as much as possible which are only an hour and a half away.“

Where are you right now and what’s coming up next for you?

Nic: „Right now i am on Fuerteventura acually, after i came back from Bonaire i didnt have enough time to find a new job and work before Podersdorf. Since there was no wind in the UK, My friend has a house here and a car so I managed to get a cheap ticket to come sail for a few weeks to prepare for the first event of the season. The wind can be okay in the winter here if we have a good direction and no clouds! The last few days i have been using 4.8 in gusty condtions but im stoked to be on the water windsurfing instead of sitting at home doing nothing.“