The Italian Way – new sponsors for Amanda Beenen

Flagge_deutsch Neue Sponsoren für Amanda Beenen, die zuletzt in Diensten von Tabou und Gaastra war. Für die neue Saison zieht es die Holländerin in Richtung Italien. 99NoveNove und Point-7 heißen die neuen Partner auf dem Weg in Richtung Wave Podium. Letztes Jahr gab es den undankbaren 4. Platz – aber auch einen Sieg beim PWA Indoor in Warschau. Einen kleinen Video Rückblick habe ich euch zuletzt hier gepostet.

Flag_English New sponsors for Amanda Beenen. The talented dutch wavegirl has signed with 99NoveNove and the Point-7 Black sails. Amanda is fully concentrated on her training and will be spending her winter in Maui to get ready to fight for the new upcoming season and hopefully gets her podium position she’s working for since so long. If you missed the little video review I’ve posted a few weeks ago, click here


Quote from Cesare Cantagalli – 99NoveNove Brand Manager
“Together with Miriam and Roberta, Amanda will be proudly taking a position in our 99NoveNove Girls Team. Her talent and passion for sports will surely produce a lot of energy for our 2015 season and I trust she has a big chance to battle for world titles. I know she has some really interesting media plans with amazing action to be seen in the next few months, so stay tuned for something unique. A warm welcome on behalf of myself and my partners Gianni and Gianluca wishing Amanda a successful 2015″.

Quote from Amanda Beenen H-87
“I am very excited to join the 99NoveNove team! 99NoveNove is a very friendly and young company and I really look forward to be able to help push the brand and myself! I feel like 99NoveNove will give me the chance to further progress in windsurfing and achieve new goals I’ve set for the future. Of course with a legendary windsurfer like Cesare Cantagalli to lead the brand and Gianni Valdambrini leading the development of the products, I am sure that the boards will be top of the line. I had the pleasure of trying out some 99 boards a bit here in Maui and already I am very excited about the feel and look of the boards! They are just pure quality and performance!

I am currently living in Tenerife but will spend my first three months practicing in Maui. I really feel I need to get up to the next level and Maui seems like the perfect place for me to learn new things and improve my skills in the waves. For 2015 I really want to get into the top 3 ranking of the PWA wave tour. I feel like I am ready to charge. Besides this I hope to get myself in some bigger waves this year. So the next two years will be very exciting and I hope you are all going to hear a lot of good stuff of me and 99NoveNove!”.

FOTO @Jimmie Hepp