New 2015 Starboard Heroes

Flagge_deutsch Nicht ein, nicht zwei sondern 3 neue Teamfahrer im Hause Starboard. 2 junge Gesichter im Slalom die bereits im letzten Jahr für Furore auf der PWA Worldtour sorgen konnten und ein australischer Waver der sich den Weltmeistertitel zum Ziel gesetzt hat. Starboard freut sich für die kommende Saison Jaeger Stone, Tristan Algret und Jordy Vonk im Team begrüssen zu dürfen.

Flag_English Starboard are pleased to announce the signing of not one, not two, but three new young and talented additions to the Starboard Dream Team for 2015. All three riders have amazing potential, high goals and Starboard’s excited to support them on their journey through 2015 and beyond


Australian Jaeger Stone is the first and one of the strongest addition to the 2015 Starboard Wave Team. His PWA World Tour come-back in 2014 proved to the world that he is hungry for the podium and he has the talent to make his mark on the tour. The young Australian, with his unusual boards, will also help push wave board designs even further and bring innovative shapes to the world. All eyes will be on Jaeger in 2015.


Jaeger: Starboard have always expressed their interest in what my Dad and I have been doing, and even though I haven’t been sponsored by Starboard for the last 5 years or so, the brand has always continued to show encouragement. For 2015, Starboard have offered their support, which will help me windsurf and train, as much as possible so I can try and achieve my goal of becoming Wave World Champion“

Tristan Algret, the 2 x PWA Youth Slalom Champion is our first addition to the 2015 Starboard Slalom Team. This young French-Caribbean has buckets of talent which will surely see him climb the ranks this year. Equipped with a quiver of iSonics there will be no stopping this playful powerhouse from achieving his goals. And he is already involved in the development of the 2016 iSonics where he proved to be a very-detailed focused tester.


Tristan:I’m really happy to join the big Starboard family and race with the boards designed by Rémi Vila. I have known Rémi for a few years now because he is from Martinique, which is an island close to my home of Guadeloupe.

Myself and Rémi spent a lot of time together in New Caledonia and after a few test runs on the 2015 iSonics, I was completely surprised by the performance and speed. I instantly saw myself on these boards for next year. Rémi also pushed for me, which is great! I’m the youngest slalom rider in the biggest windsurf team. I’m also really happy to use the same gear as Cyril Moussilmani (PWA Vice Slalom Champion 2014). Now I can spend more time on the water with him and at the same time I can learn a lot of things.“

Jordy Vonk, an up-coming young Dutch talent is the second new arrival to the 2015 Starboard Slalom Team. Recently signed to Point 7, Jordy is a common face on the PWA Slalom tour and he’s hungry for results. We are confident that with his new toys, he will be a name on tour that riders won’t want to see in their heat.


Jordy: „Thank you! Beside the fact that I think the 2015 iSonic is the best slalom board at the moment, I like Starboard as a brand. They support a great team, they deliver amazing results, and they develop so many cool products. When the opportunity came up for me to join Starboard, I was more then happy to take it and I can’t wait to race on my new boards. „

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