Interview – Rick Jendrusch

Flagge_deutsch  Rick Jendrusch hat ein anstregendes Jahr hinter sich. Um sein Studium zu beenden legte er eine ziemlich lange Trainingspause ein, reiste nur „kurz“ zu den PWA und EFPT Wettkämpfen und arbeitete zwischendurch noch am „Zeil en Surfcentrum Brouwersdam“ – dem Surfcenter seiner Eltern welches mittlerweile mehr oder weniger zu einem Imperium gewachsen ist. Jetzt ist nicht nur die Saison vorbei, sondern auch das Marketing Studium von Rick. Das muss gefeiert werden, 30 Tage Australien hat der Holländer bereits hinter sich und im neuen Jahr geht es sowohl nach Kapstadt als auch Bonaire um perfekt vorbereitet in eine „100% Windsurfsaison“ zu starten. Mehr Infos findet ihr in unserem Interview unten.

Flag_English 2014 was a busy year for Rick Jendrusch. The dutch freestyler finished his study and had to stop his windsurftraining for a couple of months to get university done. He just hopped on the plane for a quick participation at the PWA and EFPT competitions before he was back behind the desk and at the „Zeil en Surfcentrum Brouwersdam“ – the „watersports empire“ at his homespot founded by his dad. Now Rick finished his study and already did his first wintertrip to Australia where he stayed for 30 days but there’s even more to come with Cape Town and Bonaire on the schedule for 2015 where Rick will focus 100% on windsurfing. For more info check out our interview below.


First of all let’s talk about your year in general. In which competitions you took part and how they went?

„I took part in all the PWA and EFPT competitions this year. The PWA was not a really good year for me, I wasn’t in best form and had some mental weaknesses. This all came because I had to finish my study and had to focus on that, also I had to do an internship which „cost“ me 6 months with no sailing at all. The EFPT went really good I ended up on 5th place overall after a good start in Podersdorf with a 5th place, all the other events there was no wind unfortunately.

You did any trips for training during the summer or just competing?

„In summer I could just go to the events because of my study, internship and work. So I went to Fuerteventura and Lanzarote and to all the other events just outside the summer.“

How went the season at your homespot Brouwersdam? You had a lot of work at „your“ Zeil en Surfcentrum Brouwersdam?

„It was a bit a different summer because of the strange weather conditions but we had a really good season with a lot of work ;)“

You also finished your studies at university?

„Yes I just finished in October. I’m so happy! Now I can finally go 100% for windsurfing. I did a nice study where you can combine sports and school but still you have to put a lot of effort into and you can’t always go sailing as I told you already with the internship and so on. Sometimes you just have to do get something done and I’m really happy – now I’m free!“

And you straight celebrated with a trip to Australia, right? You also did some wavesailing or just freestyle and how many kilometres you drove?

„I have been in Australia for 30 days, and this was my first time and I really enjoyed it!  Dieter van der Eyken & me had about 20 good days of windsurfing and we drove around 5000 km in this one month so that’s kind of a lot. We mostly went Freestyling but we also scored some waves – sometimes event both and as you know, double sessions are the best“

Rick in Australia – click for fullsize

We saw some pictures from the Severne Loft and you’ve been testing prototypes of the new Freeks. Can you already tell us a bit about the 2016 freestyle sail and you also tested 4 batten versions?

We spend a lot of time also in the loft and with the guys from Severne. We tried a lot of different things for the new sails – also a 4 batten sail, that one was actually handmade by Ben Severne. The difference between 4 and 5 batten is that you have more speed and control with the 5 batten sail, the 4 batten feels a bit softer and more like a bag. For Dieter & Me the 5 batten sail (still) had more potential as the 4 batten sail but any further details about the 2016 model I can’t tell you for now – sorry 🙂

Looks like there’s a „long term agreement“ with Severne Sails as you’re one of the developers of their freestyle sail. What about your boards – will we see you on F2 in 2015 as well?

„With Severne I’m really happy and I have good contacts with them. I think they have the best sails at the market at the moment and they always find something new and better, the team is just great! Yes I will stay with F2 also in 2015. A lot of people ask me about that because nobody knows how it’s going with F2, but it’s all going good and I’m happy with the boards!“

Jendrusch_Loft Severne Loft with Dieter van der Eyken

 Other trips to come this winter?

„I still have to train a lot for upcoming year, the level in the PWA is insane. I will go to Cape Town in January and February and then in march I want to go to Bonaire for the last freestyle training before the season starts.“

 You work on new moves? I always try some new moves but I think its more important at the moment to do all your good moves in hard conditions and do them consistent with good style and even better on both sides. So that’s what I try the most at the moment.“

What’s the plan for 2015. Will you focus on competitions since you finished university?

Yes I will just focus on the competitions for the upcoming year. I have some other projects where I’m working on as well but that’s normal stuff as videos, sponsors, projects, shapes, events and everything so there is an exciting season to come. Can’t wait.

Jendrusch_10 Shaka into a new year. 100% Windsurfing

Thanks for the interview Rick. Have a great winter!

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