2014 KIA Cold Hawaii – Day 3 Update

Flagge_deutsch Am 3. Wettkampftag des KIA Cold Hawaii PWA Worldcups waren die Bedingungen besser als erwartet und die Trials standen bereits in den Startlöchern. Um 11:30 Uhr sollte es mit „Wind von Rechts“ down-the-line und 20 Minuten Heats losgehen. „Nur“ 2 Wellen sollten in die Wertung gehen, doch kurz bevor es aufs Wasser gehen sollte nahmen die Bedingungen wieder ab und erreichten den ganzen Tag nichtmehr das Niveau des frühen Morgens.

Ein Blick in die Vorhersagen lässt kurzfristig nicht wirklich Hoffnung aufkommen. Für morgen sieht die Vorhersage erstmal genauso aus wie für Tag 3 – also mal sehen was passiert, denn mit etwas Glück sind die Trials unterwegs. Für den Sonntag kündigt sich nach wie vor eine Störung mit knapp 30 Knoten Wind in einigen Vorhersagemodellen an – schon im letzten Jahr gab es in Klitmoller ein „Last-Minute Ergebnis“ – sollte es dieses Jahr genauso kommen? Wir bleiben dran – checkt den Livestream hier auf Windsurfnews.

Flag_EnglishConditions were better than anticipated first thing this morning in Klitmoller on day three of the KIA Cold Hawaii World Cup, as an underlying long period groundswell started to show its face to tease most of the competitors out onto the water at some stage during the day.

Reigning PWA Wave World Champion – Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne (Goya Windsurfing / MFC) – was the first man out on the water this morning and he was able to make the most of the small, clean waves on offer as he combined powerful turns with clean takas and goiter attempts.


With conditions looking suitable the first heat of the trials was due to start at 11:30am. However, the waves deteriorated before it was possible to begin the opening heat and unfortunately never properly returned, meaning the waiting game continued on day three.

Markus Rydberg (Simmer), who is one of the men hoping to qualify for the main draw said: “It was quite fun sailing conditions for a time today. It would have been really difficult to try and run anything in it, but it was easy to have fun out there. I think the forecast looks pretty similar for tomorrow, so you never know we might get lucky.”

Current world tour leader Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / North / MFC) reflects on his Cold Hawaii experience:

VF: “I always love it here. The conditions are always changing, which makes it a really challenging place to sail. I think the range of conditions you get here means that you need to be a really good all round sailor to do well here, which always makes for an exciting competition, with upsets and great sailing.”

Having spent the entire day on hold the sailors were eventually released at 5pm with the conditions worsening as the wind swung slightly more onshore. The forecast looks quite similar for tomorrow, so we will just have to wait and see what happens. Skippers’ meeting will be held at 9am with the first possible start at 9:30am.

click for fullsize – all pics by John Carter / PWA

Looking further ahead, Sunday now looks quite promising on the latest forecast model with 23-32 knot northwesterly winds and waves of up to 2.8m being predicted, which means we could see a grandstand finish on the final day just as we experienced in 2013. Don’t miss any of the action by tuning into www.pwaworldtour.com.  You can also check the livestream here on Windsurfnews

Text: Chris Yates / PWA , windsurfnews – all pics by John Carter / PWA