KIA Cold Hawaii PWA Worldcup – Day 5

The sailors patience may have been tested in the opening four days, but their patience was more than rewarded today as Cold Hawaii maintained it’s 100% record in epic fashion. Not only was the single elimination completed, but also the double as Klitmøller reinstated its reputation as Cold Hawaii with wall-to-wall sunshine, frothy North Sea nuggets and howling winds.

By the end of an enthralling day it was Philip Köster (Starboard / Severne / Maui Ultra Fins), who fought his way to the top of the podium as he remained unbeaten after defeating Marcilio Browne (Goya Windsurfing / MFC) in the single elimination — followed by Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / North / MFC) in the double, which takes the two-time world champion to the top of the overall rankings, with his second victory of the year. However, there was several fascinating battles throughout the day with big upsets and epic comebacks, which really made the today one to remember. Video & Highlight Gallery below – for more info check

Result of the 2015 KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup:

1st Philip Köster (Starboard / Severne / Maui Ultra Fins)

2nd Victor Fernández (Fanatic / North / MFC)

3rd Marcilio Browne (Goya Windsurfing / MFC)

4th Jaeger Stone (Starboard / Severne)

5th Klaas Voget (Fanatic / Simmer / MFC)

6th Kenneth Danielsen (Simmer)

7th Jules Denel (JP / NeilPryde)

7th Ricardo Campello (Patrik / Point-7 / MFC)

9th Moritz Mauch (Starboard / Severne / MFC)

9th Robby Swift (JP / NeilPryde / Mystic / Maui Ultra Fins / SWOX)

9th Alex Mussolini (RRD / RRD)

9th Thomas Traversa (Tabou / GA Sails)

Text: Chris Yates / PWA , all pics by John Carter / PWA