Pozo Training Diaries – Part 5

Flagge_deutsch Das Gran Canaria Wind&Waves Festival rückt näher und näher – höchste Zeit also für den 5. Teil der Training Diaries von Ben Proffitt. Fast alles was „Rang und Namen“ hat ist mittlerweile in der Bucht von Pozo Izquierdo unterwegs , nur Leon Jamaer musste seinen Flug aufgrund von „Wave Alarm in Deutschland“ umbuchen und Flo Jung kehrte sogar nochmal zurück um in Weißenhaus bei den Supremesurf Bigdays am Start zu sein. Der Rest fährt sich auf die Bedingungen ein und liefert soviel Footage dass Ben in 22 Minuten kaum alles unterbringen konnte. Vielleicht gibt es noch Teil 6, doch auch der britische PWA Livestream Kommentator muss noch ein bisschen trainieren bevor es mit dem ersten Worldcup des Jahres losgeht.

Flag_English The Gran Canaria Wind&Waves Festival is around the corner so it’s definitely time for part 5 of Ben Proffitt’s Pozo Training Diaries. So much action in this part with the Viking Challenge , Dany Bruch killing it with Stalled Doubles and mental action by Ricardo Campello in the jumps and Moritz Mauch on the waves. Almost everyone made it in front of Ben’s camera, only a few guys are missing. Looks like Philip Köster training at home in Vargas and guys like Leon Jamaer or Flo Jung compete in the Supremesurf Bigdays in Germany tomorrow – such as Moritz Mauch who’s leaving Pozo for a quick competition in Germany. Maybe we’ll see a 6th part of the diaries right before the event with more action – depends also on the conditions as Ben still has to train for the first worldcup of the year as well.

2015 Proffitt’s Training Diaries – Pozo – part 5POZO Training Diaries Part 5 is HERE!

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3 days left!!!! Yes.. 3 days until the PWA World Tour Windsurfing Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival

Included in Part 5 :
Action from Ricardo Campello Marcilio Browne Moritz Mauch Robby Swift The ‚Viking Challenge‘ kicks off, A new Move is invented, Big Balls‘ is back as well as ‚The Doppstadt Shredder of the week‘ and obviously the ‚Rocketman‘ has a brief appearance! Little Antoine makes an appearance and i track down Philip Köster 🙂 (you have to wait until the end!)

Plus an update to the Beer money 2015 ‚List of legends‘
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Well not sure if this is the last one or not… as the comp is coming up quick and i really need to do some training and preparation. Well i suppose I always was a last minute kind of guy!! haha…
At least it’s looking like wind for the first few days 🙂
Lets get it on!!!!

Posted by Ben Proffitt on Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2015