Pozo Training Diaries – Part 4

Flagge_deutsch Für das erste PWA Wave Event in Pozo Izquierdo geht es in die heiße Phase. In 7 Tagen startet das Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival. Höchste Zeit für den 4. Teil von Ben Proffitt’s „Pozo Training Diaries“ und euch mit aktuellen News zu versorgen. 17 Minuten geht das Teil – schaut rein!

Flag_EnglishThe countdown is on for the Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival. 7 days to go until the first PWA Wave event of the year in Pozo Izquierdo and definitely time for part 4 of Ben Proffitts Pozo Training Diaries. Hit the play button below and get the latest news in 17 minutes.

2015 Proffitt’s Training Diaries – Pozo – part 4POZO Training Diaries Part 4 is HERE!

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Only 1 week left!!!! Yes.. 7 days until the @PWA PWA World Tour Windsurfing Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival

Included in Part 4 :

The ‚Voltwater‘ a new move named after the late great Peter Volwater. Here come the girls, a new feature called ‚Kook of the week‘ ‚Big Balls‘ is back as well as ‚The Doppstadt Shredder of the week‘ and obviously the ‚Rocketman‘

Plus an update to the Beer money 2015 ‚List of legends‘
As more Legends chipped in some beer money last time..
and have made it into the hall of fame 🙂

Anyone else wanting to get their name on there and also help stop my vocal chords from drying out can do so… the link is below.
cheers 🙂

More and more people are turning up.. i have some great footage from yesterday and today is looking off the scale so Part 5 should be pretty soon and will have some insane action… all i will say is Little Antoine has turned up! 🙂

Posted by Ben Proffitt on Sonntag, 5. Juli 2015