Brasil – #jaklar

Flagge_deutsch #jaklar ist der Inbegriff einer positiven Denkweise, Weltoffenheit und Glück – all das war nötig als sich Max Matissek am ersten Tag seines Brasilien Trips verletzte und erst nach einer Dosis #jaklar durch Harry Goeft von Chiemsee zum Bleiben überredet werden konnte. Max schnappte sich seine Videokamera und drehte mit Davy Scheffers, Antony Ruenes, Phil Soltysiak, Arrianne Aukes, Oda Johanne , Mattia Fabrizi, Dario Troiani, Marcilio Browne und „Chiemsee Harry“ einen waschechten #jaklar edit. Ein Glück dass Max nicht nach Hause geflogen ist, sonst hätten wir diese 3,30min #jaklar Spaß und Action verpasst!

Eine Dosis #jaklar zieht sich übrigens durch alle CHIEMSEE Produkte und deren Team dass von Erfolgsdruck ganz weit weg ist, denn wo genug #jaklar vorhanden ist kommen die Ergebnisse von ganz alleine.

Flag_English#jaklar is an attitude of living, positiveness, being „open minded“ and happy – attributes which were necessary after Max Matissek broke his foot after his very first windsurf session last winter in Jericoacoara. Thx to Harry from CHIEMSEE who got Max back into the #jaklar mode and convinced him to stay in Jericoacoara to film a real #jaklar clip with Davy Scheffers, Antony Ruenes, Phil Soltysiak, Arrianne Aukes, Oda Johanne, Mattia Fabrizi, Dario Troiani, Marcilio Browne and Harry.

#jaklar is in every single CHIEMSEE product and it’s team which’s more a group of friends as a „team“ without any pressure – with #jaklar the results come by itself.


Brasil – JaklarThis is the Video of my Trip to Brazil/Jeri last winter. Unfortunately it didnt turn out as planned, as I broke my foot on the very first day. Instead of going home, with the tiny hope of recovering super quick, I decided to stay there to film some of my friends windsurfing and to create this little video.
Luckily my good friend Harry made me thinking positive again with his „JAKLAR“ attidude of living. „Jaklar“ means something like pure POSITIVEness, being open minded and happy. (Of course the easiest way to get in the mood and to express that you are „jaklar“ is to shout it out loud haha 😀 ) ….

I really would like to THANK all the riders who performed in front of the camera for that video: Davy Sheffers, Antony Ruenes, Phil Soltysiak, Arrianne Aukes, Oda Johanne N-500, Mattia Fabrizi Ita-991, Dario Droiani, Marcilio Browne and Harry Goeft the master of Jaklar and Duckjibes.
THANKS Ian Mouro Lemos for lending me one of your crutches – hope you have recovered fine in the meantime!!

SPECIAL THANKS to who always help me with booking my flights and supported that videoproduction – THX Gerhard Gruber!!

THX also to ClubVentos Brasil and my personal sponsors Fanatic International, North Sails Windsurfing International, Tonis Martinskeller, Surfshop Upsidedown, Sportpool Burgenland and CHIEMSEE

#jaklar #lumixGH4

Posted by Max Matissek Windsurfing on Montag, 29. Juni 2015