Boujmaa Guilloul – From Moulay to Pistol River

Flagge_deutsch Neues Video von Boujmaa Guilloul zum Start in die neue Woche. Kurz bevor es für „Bouj“ in Richtung „Pistol River Wave Bash“ der American Windsurfing Tour ging, mussten zuhause in Moulay noch die guten Bedingungen ausgenutzt werden. Scheinbar das perfekte Training für den AWT Stop, denn am Ende stand Boujmaa vor Camille Juban und Morgan Noireaux ganz oben auf dem Treppchen

Flag_English Here’s a new video of Boujmaa Guilloul which you definitely shouldn’t miss. It’s all in the title – „From Moulay to Pistol River“ but „the best of both“ would match as well. A few days before „Bouj“ travelled to the AWT event he scored some massive conditions at home together with his friends. Looks like this has been the perfect training as he claimed the victory of this years Pistol River Wave Bash in front of Camille Juban and Morgan Noireaux.

Link: Event Clip Pistol River Wave Bash