Interview – Yentel Caers

Flagge_deutsch Kurz bevor die neue Saison für die PWA & EFPT Freestyler startet habe ich Yentel Caers ein paar schnelle Fragen durchgeschickt. Der junge Belgier gilt als eines der größten Talente in der internationalen Freestyle Szene und ist seit diesem Jahr auf dem gleichen Material wie sein Landsmann Steven van Broeckhoven unterwegs.  Unten gibts ein kleines Update der JP / NeilPryde Nachwuchshoffnung

Flag_English The new season for the PWA & EFPT Freestylers is around the corner. Yentel Caers is one of the up and coming young guns you shuld definitely have under the radar for this season. The countryman of Steven van Broeckhoven even has the same sponsors like „B-72“ and signed up with JP and NeilPryde. Check out a little update before the season kicks off below

Massive shortclip from South France! Can you review your winter for me? Where did you travel to, with who you’ve been training?

Yentel: Thanks!!! My first stop of this winter was in Cape Town where I was there together with Steven Van Broeckhoven and Balz Muller. This was my first trip to there and it was really good. I sailed almost every day in good conditions and after that I went to France with my parents which was a good idea as the first PWA competition of the year will be there plus we were lucky with the wind as well.

New gear for you ? How did that come about?

Yentel: „Yes JP Australia, NeilPryde and NP-Waterwear , I’m stoked“

What’s your first impression of your new gear? Is it a lot different and will you take care about the development as well?

Yentel: „wwwwwoooooppp the gear is amazing so much power, control, pop, speed,…. I really like the gear and it feels perfect for me. „


What’s the plan for next year on the PWA Worldtour? Will we see you competing in all 4 events?

Yentel:  „Yes Yes!!! This year I will do the every event. It’s the first time that I can do that and I can’t wait“

It looks like the EFPT has a decent tour in 2015 as well. How do you think about that and will you join them?

Yentel: „Yes – looks like a proper EFPT Tour for this year. I’d love to compete in all their events too – depends on my budget so let’s see.“

Which moves you’ve been training the most over the winter?

Yentel:  „I always try to keep up to date with all the moves I can do already. Like all the other guys I put my focus on power and double moves to be fully prepared for the competitions. I hope I can pull all of them in my heats.“


What’s your plan for the future? Can you already focus 100% on windsurfing?

Yentel: „I finished my school last year so I finally can focus on my career. For this year I’ll only do windsurfing and see how it goes.“

Where are you right now and what’s coming up next for you?

 Yentel: „For the moment I at home but next week I will go off to France again to be ready for the first event off the year. After the Mondial du Vent in Leucate I’ll straight go to Podersdorf.“