Gigi Madeddu joins 99NoveNove

Flagge_deutsch Das internationale Team hat 99NoveNove für die kommende Saison bereits aufgerüstet – jetzt ist der nationale italienische Markt an der Reihe. Gigi Madeddu vom bekannten sardischen Freestyle / Slalomspot „Sa Barra“ ist die erste Neuverpflichtung und es scheint nur eine Frage der Zeit zu sein bis seine Kollegen des #SaBarraStyle Projekts auch auf neuen Boards gesichtet werden.

Flag_EnglishAfter strengthening the international team, 99NoveNove has now shifted their focus to the Italian team. If you check out windsurfnews from time to time you’ll probably know Gigi Madeddu’s homespot „Sa Barra“ in the south of Sardinia. It’s also well known as one of the most „social“ spots on the internet and with Gigi as the founder and head of this project 99NoveNove is proud to announce that Gigi Madeddu officially joins the 99NoveNove team and will use the new Style Pro.


“I’m really happy to be a part of such a prestigious brand as Cesare Cantagalli was the Italian legend that I grew up idolizing as a child. Now being a part of his team makes me have a lot of motivation and desire to achieve my goals.  I also have always had the desire to work with a brand for research and development on the products so the preparation, competence, curriculum and advanced technology of Gianni Valdambrini is another factor that motivates me a lot to give my best in this new adventure.
We are excited to also announce that our windsurfing club in Sa Barra (Sant’Antioco, Sardinia) will be an exclusively 99NoveNove school. Get ready it will be fun!”.

CESARE CANTAGALLI (Brand Manager/Founder):
“I have followed the work of Gigi Madeddu in recent years finding a complete person from several different points of view. He is a very good racer, also a talent in freestyle and a serious and professional promoter of the sport through his school in Sa Barra (Sant’Antioco, Sardinia).
Gigi is also very active with the promotion of his sponsors in magazines and on the web. I have great esteem for this Sardinian man and fully share his method of working. I’ve only ever heard good things about him. Taking Gigi within our team is a full circle plan and we have many new projects to be developed together. In Sa Barra we will have a new center where our 99NoveNove boards will be available. Welcome to the 99 team!”

click for fullsize. Action pics by Salvatore Selis, Lifestyle Pic by Michele Tagliafico