Mattia Pedrani – Sardigna Pryde

Flagge_deutsch Wie praktisch jedes Jahr nach Weihnachten zog es Mattia Pedrani vom frostigen Gardasee in Richtung Sardinien um gemeinsam mit seinen Eltern im Wohnmobil die verschiedensten Spots der Insel anzufahren. Immer auf der Suche nach Wind und Welle. In diesem Jahr gab es sogar mehr Wave,- als Freestyle Sessions sowie eine Surf Session „on top“. Das Ganze mit neuem Material, denn Mattia ist ab sofort auf Neilpryde unterwegs – wird sich aber von Competitions weitgehend fernhalten. Den Grund erfahrt ihr in unserem Interview unten.

Flag_English Like every year after christmas Mattia Pedrani took the ferry to Sardinia for a little roadtrip around the island – always hunting for wind and especially waves. This year the trip has been successfull with more wave,- than freestyle sessions and a surf sesh on top. Don’t miss his video below – new sails on board as Mattia signed up with NeilPryde. Furthermore we have a little interview about the trip and challenges as a software developer

It seems like you’re in Sardinia every year between christmas and new year? Did you score good conditions this time? 

Mattia: „Yeah, I usually go there with my parents in their motorhome, and it’s the perfect break to get some waves and get away from the freezing Pelers at the lake. This year was great, with a lot of variety too. 3 freestyle sessions, 2 wave starboard tack, 3 wave port tack and a surf sesh to top it off.“

You did this trip with new sails in your quiver and moved on to NeilPryde. How did that come about  and what’s your first impression of the sails?

Mattia: „It might sound cheesy or clichè, but „Better late than never“. I finally managed to get my hands on the top sails in the market, and they definitely are. Super light, super powerful and easy to handle, all bundled with killer looks. They’re the market leaders for a reason, and always have been. Thanks Luis Marchegger for hookin me up, I’m really hyped about them!“

You finished university and started to work. How it feels to see everyone travelling to Cape Town, Australia etc. while you go have to go to work or do you simply like the job you do and you don’t care that much?

Mattia: „I get a bit envious at times, but then I remember why I did what I did and just get back to my life. I can’t deny travelling the world was much more fun then sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day…but…we all have to grow up sooner or later. „

Do you still have the chance to go sailing in Malcesine before you have to work or is it impossilbe and you have to focus on the weekends?

Mattia: „I can do that during the summer months, from June to September, waking up at 4.45 to be in the water by 5.15 and sail till 7.45, to then get the train at 8.09, then the bus and be at work by 9. Weird as it may sound, I’m actually more awake then than regularly waking up a 7.35…!“

You’ll still compete in the italian championships?

Mattia: „Not really. As I work full time as a software developer I don’t have that much time to train nor to actually go the competitions, which rarely happen in decent conditions as well so for me it’s not really worth it.“

What’s the plan for this year. Any trips or special projects?

Mattia: „Mostly just staying home, filming a little bit and shooting sequences for magazines. Not sure about this summer yet, as I still have to ask permission for my holidays at work….“

Thx for the interview Mattia. All the best and see you soon!