Marc Paré Rico – Video + Interview

Flagge_deutsch Marc Paré Rico gilt als eines der größten Talente in der Welle. Der Spanier sorgte im letzten Jahr auf den Kanaren Events der PWA Worldtour für Aufsehen und gewann sämtliche „Junior Competitions“. In Klitmoller schaffte er es durch die Trials, in La Torche gewann er sogar seinen ersten Heat im Main Event und auch auf dem Slalom Board hat der Junge gehöriges Potential und sicherte sich den U17 Weltmeistertitel. Zu Beginn des Winters stand aber in Südafrika und Teneriffa „Wave Training“ auf dem Programm und neben einem Webclip gibts unten auch ein Interview.

Flag_English Marc Paré Rico definitely is one of the biggest talents in wavesailing out there. Last season the spaniard won all junior competitions at the canary leg of the PWA Worldtour, he made it through the trials of Klitmoller and even won a heat in La Torche. Furthermore he’s the U17 Slalom Worldchampion and at the beginning of this year he travelled to South Africa and Tenerife for some serious wave training. Check out the webclip and our interview below

Last year you showed up on the PWA Worldtour and you impressed a lot of people. Can you review the season for my readers with the junior events on the canary islands and your other performances in La Torche and Cold Hawaii? 

Marc: „Last year I had a super great season with loads of great results. I won the u17 Slalom world Champion title, the Spanish junior Champion, 3rd Spanish Overall and had some nice results in the PWA going through the trials in Klitmoller and advancing through one heat in La Torche, and winning the juniors in Pozo and Tenerife.“

Despite your good performances last year you lost your boardsponsor and signed with 99 NoveNove. Did you leave PATRIK or did he not renew the contract for 2015?

Marc: „Patrik is great brand, but this winter 99NoveNove offered me to sail with their boards and I saw it as a great opportunity to grow as a professional rider together with the brand. I was impressed of 99’s philosophy and I thought it was the time for a change.“

Pare_99_1 Marc Paré joins 99

What’s your first impression of your new 99 NoveNove boards?

Marc: „I’m really happy with the new boards!!! It’s different from Patrik ones and 99 has more variety on the wave models. The first impression when I first sailed them is that the board was feeling so easy and smooth, and when jumping I had a lot of control.“

Will you also take care about the developement of new boards?

Marc: „Yes for sure! But, there’s still a long journey to go, so I will keep pushing hard and everything will come step by step.“

You just published a new video from Catalunya and Tenerife. What do you have to say about your winter? You scored good conditions?

Marc: „I have made one trip to SA and another one to Tenerife but, I’ve not been very lucky with the conditions. Anyway, I was really happy about that and I learned new things and met new places!“

Marc Paré in Tenerife – pics by José Pina – click for fullsize

Which moves you train on right now? 

Marc: „I’m now training the pushloop table top, the stalled forward, backside 360 and goiter. I’ve been lately trying one high scoring jump, because I want to reach the best results as possible and I think it’s very important to have all those moves down.“

You’re also a pretty keen Slalom sailor. Will we see you on the PWA Worldtour in Slalom as well? 

Marc: „Yes! I’m planning to do a few PWA Slalom events but, I want to focus on the Wave tour as I think I can do better results. I think every single discipline is important , so I keep practicing all of them even though I’m more into slalom and wave.“


You still have to combine Windsurfing with school – will you turn pro and focus on Windsurfing for 100% when you finished your education? 

Marc: „Even though they are helping me quite a lot in school, it’s super hard to combine windsurfing with school. I’m now doing the big step to turn professional but I think it’s important too to keep studying and to have a career, so I think I will basically focus on windsurfing but I’ll keep studying.“

Do you count your days on the water?

Marc: „I don’t count the days I go sailing, I just go and have fun enjoying what I love the most to do! For me it’s not easy to go sailing because I live far from the beach and my father cannot drive me to go sailing during the week, only at weekends. But, this year I’ve started to make some trips to SA and Tenerife to train for the upcoming season.“

What’s the plan for the upcoming months and will we see you on the Worldtour this year?

Marc: „Now I’m starting the wave and slalom nationals in Spain and after that I have the Slalom European Championship, the DEFI wind and then starts the PWA. My first PWA will be the Slalom in Costa Brava. I’ve planned to do the full Wave Tour and some Slalom events like Costa Brava, Fuerteventura and Sylt.“