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Flagge_deutsch Indiconic ist eine neue T-Shirt Marke des ehemaligen PWA Windsurfers Richard Foster in Zusammenarbeit mit Danny Keevil. Die Marke kommt aus Hawaii und bringt die legendären Fotos von John Carter, Si Crowther, Darrell Wong und Richard Hallmann auf Textil. Die Motive reichen von radikalen Action Shots bis zu historischen Bildern vergangener Tage. Außerdem konnte die Marke Fahrer wie Jason Polakow, Levi Siver und Kevin Pritchard als Partner gewinnen.

Jason Polakow Cloudbreak Jason Polakow – Cloudbreak

Gedruckt wird in den USA auf „Next Level“ T-Shirts und der Versand nach Europa ist natürlich kein Problem. Preislich liegen die Shirts dabei bei erstaunlich günstigen 19.99 $. Schaut in den Shop

Flag_English Former PWA Pro Windsurfer Richard Foster and fellow countryman and Danny Keevil, are proud to announce the launch of Indiconic. Indiconic is a brand new clothing line which takes its inspiration from the iconic images of windsurfing, drawing on its culture, personalities and unique relationship with Maui’s North Shore.

Windsurfing is an Independent sport with an Iconic 50 year history. The sport of windsurfing shaped a generation of athletes, watermen and photographers that created some of the most  memorable watersports images in the last half century. Whilst watching the sun set over the West Maui Mountains, cold beer in hand, and reminiscing over some of the great photos from windsurfing’s glorious history, Foster and Keevil realized the power these images carried to define the character and personality of everyone who shared the passion and pioneering spirit of ocean sports, through integrating the images in a range of specifically designed T shirts.

Levi Siver Half Pipe T Black Levi Siver – Lanes

The Indiconic team reads as a who’s who of windsurfing and watersports photography. Names that are synonymous with big wave sailing, such as Jason Polakow, Levi Siver and Kevin Pritchard provide the action on the water, and photographers including John Carter, Si Crowther, Darrell Wong and Richard Hallman bring their creative expertise to complete the portfolio. Each team rider and photographer receive a percentage of the royalties for each T Shirt sold in recognition for their contribution.

Indiconic is based out of Maui’s North Shore and the T Shirts are printed in the USA on „Next Level“ high quality T Shirts. They are available online for $19.99 each. Free shipping is available on orders of four or more items. For further information visit