Aleix Sanllehy – New Video + Interview

Flagge_deutsch Noch ein Clip aus Pozo Izquierdo – dieses Mal von Aleix Sanllehy , der mit neuen Sponsoren in seinem Highlight Clip auftaucht. Grund genug bei ihm einmal nachzufragen wie es dazu gekommen ist und was er sich für die neue Saison so vorgenommen hat. Zu unserem kleinen Interview gehts unten

Flag_English Here’s the next clip from Pozo Izquierdo. This time Aleix Sanllehy tearing it up – with new sponsors. Reason enough for a little interview to find out how did that come about and what’s his plan for this year

Hi Aleix, massive shortclip from your homespot! Let’s review the past few weeks – was super windy hm?

Aleix: „Yes!! I has been really really windy – I would say maybe one of the most windy periods in Pozo, the waves where huge and i’ve never seen Pozo that big! Some days we where only three or for guys on the water and it was really scary!“

New gear for you ? How did that come about?

Aleix: „Well, I had the opportunity to join GA/TABOU and so I did. I think they are in the top 3 of windsurfing brands in the world so I didn’t had to think about that change that long. A change of the team with new and fresh motivation makes me really really happy!“

So you left Goya by your own? 

Aleix: „Yes. It was really just a think of better offer and new and fresh motivation for my upcoming seasons. I just have good words for Goya and want to thank them for everything they did for me. They still wanted to support me for the next years but it was the moment to change for me when the opportunity with GA / TABOU came up.“

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What’s your first impression of your new gear? Will you take care about the development as well?

Aleix: „The gear is working amazing, sails and boards are so easy to ride. I get used to it really really fast so I’m very stoked – actually I think that I’m surfing much better with my new boards. About the R&D I will also help them with the sails and boards – especially with the bigger sizes.“

You had a lot of injury problems in the past. Do you want to take a look back for my readers and how you doing today?

Aleix: „Yes of course, I had a really bad back injury just two years ago. I was sailing too much and I over train my body so I had to stop windsurfing for one year. I really had to do this break to prevent permanent damage.

Now I’m perfect and don’t have any kind of problems. I just have to stretch a lot more and not go on the water for 4 hours non stop . It’s better to sail in 30 min sessions and keep stretching in some breaks on the beach. „

Can you focus 100% on Windsurfing or do you have an other job beside your career?

Aleix: „Actually I’m just focus on windsurfing and putting all my effort into that to become a Top 10 rider on the PWA Worldtour but for sure all my live I have been studying during my free hours to make sure that I have a future after my windsurfing career.“

So we will we see you on the PWA Worldtour 2015?  

Aleix:  „Yess!! I will do all the PWA comps and I will push as hard I can. I fell really motivated and confident for 2015 , so I hope everything works as planned.“

What’s coming up next for you? You stay at home or you travel somewhere?

Aleix: „I’m on my way to Maui to train some starboard tack and have the GA/TABOU photo shooting – you have to keep on travelling even if there are good conditions at home to sail in different conditions too.

Thx Aleix – all the best for the upcoming season!!