Kauli Seadi joins 99 NoveNove

Flagge_deutsch Der nächste große Sponsorenwechsel ist raus. Kauli Seadi verlässt JP Australia und unterschreibt bei 99 NoveNove. Nach Pacal Toselli, Amanda Beenen und Marc Paré Rico hat die einst kleine Custom Schmiede aus Italien ein schlagkräftiges Team für nächstes Jahr am Start. WOW!

Flag_English The next big sponsor change is here. Kauli Seadi leaves JP Australia and signs with 99 NoveNove. After Pascal Toselli, Amanda Beenen and Marc Paré Rico the small brand from Italy has an incredible line-up of teamriders for next year.  WOW!

99 NoveNove stated: „Kauli will not only continue to travel all around the world looking for new spots and bringing windsurfing to new levels, as he has recently done in Teahupoo, but he will also be immediately integrated into the research and development of the 99NoveNove wave board line and soon there will be his ‘KS’ signature board.

It is Kauli’s intention to also return to competing to any wave event where conditions will be “interesting”. This is an historic change in an important moment for the Brazilian’s wave career.  The 99NoveNove Team is ready for this new and exciting adventure with Kauli Seadi! We welcome you to the family.“


Quote from KAULI SEADI BRA-253:
“Joining 99NoveNove for me is like opening a new door, with a very new and fresh road to explore. I believe they know and love what they are doing as I believe in their many years of experience to do what it takes to grow a healthy brand. Besides that I think they have really amazing technologies to develop new shapes and great constructions for the boards that is supported by the advantage of having their own factory in Italy.

About Cesare Cantagalli, I think we all know the “Cheese Roll Man”, he definitely made a mark on windsurfing history by inventing the forward rotation.
My target for the 2015 season is to participate in at least the Cabo Verde AWT and Aloha Classic PWA plus maybe an indoor event, or any other PWA event that has good waves. I will continue to travel to film for my TV show, so my wife and I plan to do some more explorations in the South Pacific by boat, so many great and beautiful islands!

Last but not least it will be awesome to start working with Gianni Valdambrini as he seems very experienced, so I’m sure we will be able to trade some productive and technical information, which will lead to developing a ‘KS Pro Model’ together.”

click for fullsize – pics by Maria Fernanda Seadi

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