Interview: Omar Sánchez

Flagge_deutsch Omar Sánchez gilt als eines der größten Talente in der Welle. Der 23 jährige, in Pozo Izquierdo zuhause, ist schon einige Jahre auf der PWA Worldtour unterwegs und konnte seine Perfomance von Jahr zu Jahr steigern. Für das nächste Jahr hat er, auch dank neuer Sponsoren, die Top 10 fest im Visier. Zwischen seinen Sessions fand er in den letzten Tagen auch etwas Zeit für ein Interview mit Windsurfnews.

Flag_English Omar Sánchez is one of the biggest talents in the waveriding discipline worldwide. The 23 years old from Pozo Izquierdo competes on the PWA Worldtour for a few years already and always improved his performances and overall rankings. For next year he wants to break into the Top 10 with new sponsors and has a lot more on the schedule. In the past few days he luckily found the time for a little interview beside some of the windiest days Pozo Izquierdo has ever seen.

Omar_3 Angulo Boards: „When Omar approached us we instantly got excited about this opportunity to support a young wave rider; especially with his enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation. Omar has been competing on the PWA tour for a while now and we look forward to this collaboration!“

Massive conditions at your homespot right now. Let’s start the interview with some details about the past few days. How was it out there?

Omar: „Yes, we had amazing conditions at home Pozo Izquierdo recently , one day I was maxed out with my 3,3 sail and 75l board. Super good conditions for jumps and waveriding.“

Omar_1 Omar going big

You have big news to announce. You left PATRIK / Loft Sails and go to Angulo Boards / KA Sails. How did that come about?

Omar: „When we finished the last event of the PWA World Tour I wanted a change in my career and was open for new projects and new partnerships. I got in touch with Peter from KA Sails and we’ve been talking a lot about my ideas for the upcoming season plus I wanted to do more R&D work as well. At the end the deal came really quick and with Angulo it was basically the same.“

So it was your choice to leave PATRIK / Loft Sails?

Omar: Yes I left Patrik and Loft by my own – there wasn’t even a need to renew my contract or something like that. I’ve been looking for a new challenge.“

Do you think you have the right partners for a long term sponsorship now? I think you’re the Nr. 1 of KA Sails Wave team – will you also take care about the developement of boards and sails?

Omar: „I have a good feeling with my new sponsors and definitely hope for a long term cooperation. I’m already working on the new 2016 wavesails with Peter Weinterbeg – the boss of KA. Sail and in March I’ll also get the first Angulo Customs for next year – so everything started straight away and I’m really happy!

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Your first impression of the new gear?

Omar: „I like the sails a lot. Really light but also stable for the strong winds here in Pozo. The Angulo Boards are amazing in „down the line“ conditions – I tried them in Mosca Point with „side-off“ conditions and they’ve been performing amazing. For the typical „Pozo onshore stuff“ I’m looking forward to my first customs in March to develop my new favorite board for „jumping“

You’re using „Clip Harness Line“ , which we have in our shop as well. How do you like them?

Omar: „They offer a new feeling and it’s easy to put them on your boom + adjust the lenght. I can highly recommend them for every windsurfer and I can use them longer than other models in our strong winds here in Pozo“

If you look back on all events of last years PWA Tour, was it a good year for you?

Omar: „More or less, yeah. Last year has been an incredible season for both riders and fans with 6 events in totally different conditions. „A real worldtour“ where I managed to get two 9th places in Pozo and Tenerife but I didn’t good in the rest of the events and missed Maui so I finished in 17th which’s ok for „a fun year with my friends“.


What is your goal for 2015 on the tour?

Omar: „I want to break into the Top 10 and have as much fun as possible with my friends.“

You’re at home on Gran Canaria right now. What is coming up next for you? You’ll travel or just keep on training at home?

Omar: „I’ll stay here as the conditions are amazing right now. Maybe I’ll do some island hopping too.“

Your plans for next year?

Omar: „I’ll compete in all PWA Events and maybe join some stops of the AWT as well. Also some „promo trips“ around the canaries are on my schedule.“

Interview: © – All pics with courtesy of Omar Sanchez