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Flagge_deutsch Christos Loizou steht erst seit 5 Jahren auf dem Surfbrett und kommt mehr oder weniger nur im Urlaub aufs Board , denn in Zypern wohnt der 18-Jährige nicht gerade am windigsten Fleck dieses Planeten. Trotzdem vergingen nur 2 Jahre bis die erste Air Jibe in trockenen Tüchern war und im Anschluss ging es genauso schnell mit neuen Manövern weiter. Heute springt Christos Burner, Culos, Konos und andere anspruchsvolle Manöver, doch beinahe hätte er Freestyle Windsurfen „über Nacht“ abhaken können. Mehr dazu in unserem Interview unten.

Flag_English Christos Loizou started windsurfing 5 years ago and after 2 years he already landed his first Vulcan even tough the 18 years old hardly scores freestyle sessions at home in Cyprus due the lack of wind. In the meantime he pulls moves like Burners, Culos or Konos, started on the European Freestyle Pro Tour and has big plans – but nearly had to stop with every kind of sport due a serious injury. More info in our interview below.


Hi Christos, thanks for taking some time for this interview! Let’s start with a little introduction for our readers

Christos: „Hi Windsurfnews! My name is Christos I. Loizou,i am 18 years old and i come from a small island in the Mediterranean called Cyprus. My first experience with windsurfing was in 2010 at Paros,Greece where my mother actually forced me to try out windsurfing. I did a 2 hours lesson and went back asking for more! Needless to say since then i’m addicted to the sport.  My passion in windsurfing has always been the freestyle discipline,the way you can express yourself through the move,the freedom it gives you! In 2011 i did 10 hours of lessons to learn the basics of windsurfing and at the end of the summer of 2012 i landed the „Vulcan“ and got my own kit.“

How are the conditions at home in Cyprus?

Christos: We don’t get much wind here in Cyprus. In the autumn/winter period(October-February) maybe twice a month or even less! During the rest of the year the thermal wind blows mostly 2-3 days every 15 days or so. Not that much fun unfortunately“

Christos at home

You also travelled to Naxos last summer with a few other young guns. A good trip?

Christos: The trip to Naxos was amazing! It was already my second summer at Laguna Beach Park with one of my role models in freestyle, Stam Promponas! This year i met the other young guns there and we trained together. It was a lot of fun and really helpful for my level to sail with the other freestylers like Riccardo Marca or Nicolo Tagliafico.“

Naxos Summer 2014

Last year you had your first international competition at the EFPT tour as well. How was your debut?

Christos: „My debut at the EFPT event in Six Fours wasn’t what I expected to be honest! After having an accident with the jet ski running me over I had to get stitched on the head, it wasn’t the most fun experience but nevertheless valuable. On my second run I scored a pretty clean „Funnell“ which I really did not expect since I haven’t done Tow-In before. Sitting at 33rd place in the overall ranking for 2014. I’m happy but not satisfied because I know that I can do much better and reach my goal which is a 25th place at the moment. I’m currently training really hard on and off the water and i’m looking forward to the upcoming events. The tour for 2015 looks promising“

EFPT debut – pics by Alexis Fernet – click for fullsize

Since a while you’re off the water – what happened??

Christos: I have been battling Ulnar Neuritis, a condition that affects the strength of the hands for 3 weeks now. This appeared out of nowhere since I wasn’t training intensely and the doctors didn’t gave me a clear explanation how it occurred. I had to stay off the water and away from any physical activity in combination to intensive physiotherapy.

On Saturday I had my first session after the injury which was pretty disappointing since I could only do the basic moves due to the weakness of my hands. On Tuesday though,when i sailed again it was a whole different story! I was back to landing most of the moves with ease and some even better than before with the new equipment!“

Do you think a full recovery is possible and you’ll be able to work on new moves again?

Christos: „After my last session I believe that a full recovery is just a few sessions away! I’m training very hard off the water to regain my strength and physical fitness so I can get back working on the moves I was training before the injury.

Your plan for the future?

Christos: „My plan for the future is to finish school this year and spend as much time as possible on the water training for the upcoming events of the PWA and EFPT. Unfortunately this summer I have to start my service in the army which is obligatory for 24 months here in Cyprus and I don’t know how they will deal with the fact that I’m an athlete and I have to train but I hope the Cyprus Sports Organisation will help me on this!“

What’s the most important thing in life? 

Christos: „The most important things in life are to be healthy, happy and to have people next to you that support and believe in you! I couldn’t have come this far without the help of my family, friends/supporters and girlfriend who support me and are next to me at all times!“

Thx again for the interview! All the best for this year – we’ll keep in touch and follow your way.

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