Marc Parè Rico joins 99NoveNove

Flagge_deutsch Aus dem Hause 99NoveNove kommen noch mehr „Transfer News“. Marc Parè Rico, der in der vergangenen Saison bei den PWA Junior Competitions auf Grand Canaria und Teneriffa mit Rang 1 für Aufsehen sorgte und sich den Jugend Slalom Weltmeistertitel sicher konnte wechselt von Patrik Diethelm ins 99 Lager. Nach Finian Maynard und Pascal Toselli bereits der 3. größere Transfer dieser Saison. Für eine Marke, die bis vor 2 Jahren außerhalb Italiens kaum bekannt war, ziemlich beachtlich.

Flag_English More transfer news from 99 NoveNove. After Finian Maynard switched to the brand of Cesare Cantagalli in late 2013 and they picked up Pascal Toselli with a long term contract last week, now Marc Parè Rico carrying new fresh blood to 99NoveNove.

Marc is Junior Slalom World Champion and showed his skills during PWA Gran Canaria Wind&Waves Festival and Tenerife 2014 winning the Juniors Competitions. Marc plans to compete in both PWA and Spanish Wave Competitions, and he will also participate in Slalom events as well, becoming one of the most versatile and complete young windsurfing athletes in the world. Marc will soon travel to South Africa for his winter wave-training and then will later on move on to Tenerife to meet up with Pascal and Finian to sail his new 2015 racing boards.


Cesare Cantagalli – 99NoveNove Brand Manager

“I have heard a lot of good and positive things about Marc as being one of the foremost up-and-coming talents amongst the new generation. I trust my good old friend Thomas Person from Simmer Sails, has being supporting Marc since he was a child.
What I like the most about Marc is no matter what, he likes windsurfing in any form and will compete at a high level with an overall performance aim. Our mission for the company is to have a broad and complete team where everyone can push one another. The young guys will bring energy and the oldest will provide tecnique and experience. Mark will also be the ambasador of our “FUTURE TEAM” made of “young generation board-riders with talent and passion for the sport”. We will organize clinics and camps during the summer with Marc’s support as well as from other new components of our team.
All the best Marc for a positive season… remember what I told you… the most important result we expect from you for now, is on your studies”.

Marc Parè Rico – E 334

“For me it is a pleasure to join the 99 Team! I see 99 as a big opportunity to grow as a professional rider and I hope to help a lot on the evolution of the brand. I am amazed of 99’s philosophy, organization and projects, that is one of the reasons why I chose it. It is an honor to work with windsurfing legend Cesare Cantagalli and an experienced shaper like Gianni Valdambrini to help them make their dream child come true. I am currently living in a small town which is one hour far from the beach (Costa Brava), so for me it is not easy to find time and the right conditions to sail, but as soon as there are good slalom, freestyle or wave conditions I try to go training. For 2015 season I will be trying to reach my top results on the PWA tour, reach the top 3 overall of the Spanish tour and the top 10 on the IFCA Youth Slalom Worlds by using the WORLD CUP SLALOM model for slalom racing, the 4XQUAD and 3XCHAMALEON in wave and the STYLE PRO in freestyle. I will be preparing for the next season in South Africa, Tenerife and Spain during the next months. I really look forward to a great season with 99”.

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Text & Pics: 99NoveNove