Maciek Rutkowski – Cape Town Video & Interview

Flagge_deutsch Maciek Rutkowski sorgte in der vergangenen PWA Saison für Furore und schaffte es im Slalom Ranking nach einigen starken Auftritten auf Rang 16. Auch in einigen Wave Events schaffte Maciek den Sprung ins Hauptfeld – Grund genug also einen reinen „Wave Trip“ nach Kapstadt zu starten bevor es gemeinsam mit dem Point-7 Black Team zum Slalom Training nach Teneriffa geht. Checkt Macieks Clip aus Kapstadt und unser kleines Interview unten.

Flag_English Maciek Rutkowski impressed everyone during last years PWA season and finished in 16th position of the overall slalom ranking. Furthermore he made it through some trials into the wave main events. Reason enough for a „wave riding only“ trip to Cape Town before he takes the plane to Tenerife for some serious Slalom Training with his „Black Team“ mates. Check out the clip from Cape Town below and don’t miss our little interview.


Your windsurfing in waves is improving everytime I see a clip of you. How many days you spend in waves per year?

Maciek: „I don’t know actually never tried to count but would be interesting to see. For sure I put the priority on racing, but go wavesailing any chance I have. I really wanted to do a “wavesailing only” trip this year cause I haven’t done one since 2012 and if you’re only doing that everyday the chance to improve is bigger.“

Will you compete in any wave events again this year as you did quite well the last PWA season?

Maciek: „I don’t know yet. It wasn’t my plan to pass all those trials last year haha I was more prepared for absolute failure! But the gap between trials and main event is still pretty big, specially when I draw a high seed in the first round of the single every time. So I thought I’ll go to Cape Town and see how much progress I can make. My friends laugh at me that I always promise to go jumping and end up riding even if it’s fully jumping conditions, hence the gap between my jumping and riding grew huge. This trip I didn’t do as much jumping as I planned again, but improved on that a little bit, but not enough to be 100% sure I’ll pass multiple heats on tour. So i guess I’m gonna delay the decision again for after the Tenerife trip haha!“


Your favorite gear in the waves? Have you also tried 4 batten sails?

Maciek: „I’ve used 4 batten sails since they first came out and they helped me sooo much in terms of waveriding. I’ve even used the 3 batten Point-7 Swag and was surprised that at 90kg I can use it. This year though together with Andrea, my boss at Point-7 we decided I’ll go back and use the 5 batten Spy. For him it was important to have somebody to promote it and for me it was a chance to work on development and also having a sail that will help me in my jumping and one that I can use a size or two bigger then the rest of the guys out there, which I did anyway, but lacked control in the process. I’m pretty stoked how good the Spy’s already are and we have some exciting things to test for 2016 as well! „

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What’s your next destination? Will you go to El Medano again with the Black Team and will you focus on Slalom or will we see you in the waves of El Cabezo as well?

Maciek: „Yeah I’m leaving for El Medano today and will obviously focus on Slalom there, but I rented a house right in Cabezo this year on purpose – I know that when I’ll come back from a full day of slalom and will see the waves pumping I’ll still go out there for a short sunset sesh! Cabezo and the Wall are really consistent places where the wave brakes similar every day so it’s pretty good to progress and train if the conditions are on – hopefully they will be!“

Goals for 2015?

Maciek: „Improve my slalom ranking which will be a super hard task as anybody in the top16 could potentially get podiums. But we have a great setup in Tenerife and I believe if I put my head down and put my time in I can do it. Aside from that passing a few heats on the wave tour would be great, but I first gotta make up my mind if I should compete or not haha!“


Thx for the interview Maciek. Have a great winter and all the best for 2015!