Levi Siver – Through my eyes

Flagge_deutsch Unglaubliche Aufnahmen erreichen uns heute von Levi Siver. Mehr „on board“ geht nicht, ihr könnt praktisch fühlen wie sich Waveriding wirklich anfühlt, ihr hört die Wellen brechen und die Rails im Wasser aufsetzen.

Levi: „Die Aufnahmen sind unglaublich und erst der Beginn von dem was möglich ist. Ich bleibe dran, so persönliche Aufnahmen waren bisher nicht möglich“

Flag_English Fantastic footage by Levi Siver made it into our inbox. This is as close as you can get from what it’s really like riding a couple of waves. More „on board“ isn’t possible.

Levi: „After watching surfers ride the barrel with the camera in their mouth I decided to finally give it a try. I didn’t realize how personal and connected this camera can be to your own experience when you get it right.
It was a little difficult to breath with the camera bit in my mouth but I got used to it. Hearing the water on the rails and the waves crashing in full surround sound feels like your there with me. The footage is amazing and just the beginning of what’s possible. After this session I’ve been so excited to keep working on this it’s a way to show windsurfing like never before. So enjoy windsurfing through my eyes.“

Through my eyes from levi siver on Vimeo.