Interview: Gabriele „Varrux“ Varrucciu

Flagge_deutsch Gabriele „Varrux“ Varrucciu war 2010 ganz oben auf dem italienischen Freestyle Thron. Er siegte bei der nationalen Meisterschaft und beeindruckte schon immer mit seinem explosiven Style. Die Zukunft sah super aus und sogar die PWA Worldtour war eine Option, doch „Gabry“ hatte noch nie den „Tunnelblick“ und fokussierte sich „nur“ auf eine Wettkampfkarriere im Windsurfen. Nicht die schlechteste Idee, denn Ende 2012 zog sich „Varrux“ einen Kreuzbandriss zu und war über 7 Monate nichtmehr auf einem Windsurfboard gesehen. Heute, knapp 2 Jahre später, ist er immer noch nicht schmerzfrei – aber wieder an seinen Homespots im Norden Sardiniens unterwegs. Das Studium ist abgeschlossen, und wenn kein Wind ist gibt sich ITA-984 eine extra Portion Nervenkitzel auf dem Moto-X Bike oder schraubt an seinem Muscle Car. Unser Interview gibts unten.

Flag_English Gabriele „Varrux“ Varrucciu was on top of the italian freestyle game in 2010. He won the national championships and impressed everyone with his explosive style and the future was looking bright for more successfull competitions but „Gabry“ always did more than just Windsurfing especially after his knee injury in late 2o12 which kept him off the water for 7 months. Today he finished his study, still mixing Windsurfing, Moto-X and looking forward to 2015 where he wants to join the EFPT Tour and a few cool videos from all around the world. Have fun with our interview below. 

Action from 2012

„Varrux“ many thanks for taking some time for this interview. I know that you’ve been italian Freestyle Champion 2010 and you’ve been on the European Freestyle Pro Tour for some events in the past before you had to take a break – what happened?

Varrux: „Many thanks to you for this interview as well. Yes, in 2010 I won the italian championship and later on I had my biggest result with a joint 1st at the EFPT in Greece but then I had to take it a little bit easier with competitions due I started to work and my study in Milan so they’re the main reasons for my break.“

About 2 years ago you also had a pretty serious injury while a freestyle session – what happened? 

Varrux: „Yes, true.. unfortunately these things can always happen when you’re doing xtreme sports. I did a Burner and my left rear foot came out of the strap, so I jumped the move totally one foot. Can’t really recommend this 🙂 – the main problem was the low water and when I landed the move in 10 cm deep water I went over the mast with my body but the right leg stayed in the foot strap. The rest is storytelling – I broke the cross , collateral and patellar ligaments besides a broken tibial plate. I had to stay out of the water for more than 7 months.

That sounds really bad. Do you still sail with pain and what about your mind today when you’re doing a Burner?

Varrux: „That depends on the day and especially the temperatures. When we have up to 16° I really haven’t any problems but when it gets colder or I just  stay on the water for a longer time (like 3 hours) I feel more pain…but it’s ok !  If I’m doing a Burner today it’s definitely not like before the injury but I just try to „switch off my fear“ and go for it. Already in the hospital I knew that I would never give up and only had in my mind when it would be possible to go back on the water again“

Varrux_1 evening Session a few days ago

You also finished your studies at university now? What’s the plan for the future? You’ll start working or take some time „off“ ?

Varrux: „It’s my last year of university. After that my intention is to concentrate more on Windsurfing but for sure you also have to keep your work in mind and get a good job. It’s all about the mix and to get enough money to travel the world and train at some of the best spots in the world.“

I know that you’re a lot on the Moto X bike as well – plus you have a partiality for cars? Is Windsurfing your personal „Nr.1“ or you simply need to mix it up?

Varrux: Yeah ! I love everything which can go fast !! When I was a kid I already did Moto-X before I started windsurfing. Right now I simply mix these two amazing sports. It’s a good training and you stay happy even when there’s no wind. Yeah, I love american muscle cars and bought a 1970 Ford Torino about 4 years ago. Still working on it with it’s  6.0 liter engine and about 400 hp ready to race with a 3 speed sequential transmission. It’s a beast!!“

I think you’re on Naish equipment since „forever“? Are you also involved into the development and which boards & sails you’re using?

Varrux: „My first love for windsurfing boards was the classic NAISH SKULL on a old wave that i bought in the local shop here in my town ! That was the beginning !! Year by year I continued to use NAISH gear because I simply like the totally different shaping style compared to the other brands !! Right now I have a nice and productive dialogue with all the NAISH team. I’m using the BOXER for Freestyle and Wave because they’re working perfect in both conditions with their super compact shape and light weight. For freestyle I’m on their 99l board and I have the Global Wave shaped by Randy Naish (the brother of Robby) who created a really good board for our european wavespots“

You live in Olbia, which’s in the north of Sardinia and probably some people know this place because that’s their „ferry destination“ when they’re travelling to Sardinia. What’s your homespot?

Varrux: Olbia is my birthplace and simply my town. Yes, everyone knows it for the harbor but we have about 8 different spot for every wind direction and with every water condition (from flatwater to Chop and little waves).  You have to drive in our wild roads only for 10 minutes to find the best spot ! My favorite one is a little beach called „COZZA BEACH“  just inside the harbor…the perfect freestyle conditions of north sardinia !!

Sardinia is full of spots – what’s your personal favorite for Waves and Freestyle? 

Varrux: My favourite spots for freestyle are COZZA BEACH, MARINA MARIA , PITTULONGU, COLUCCIA in the north and SA BARRA in the south of Sardinia !! For waves you can find some great conditions in CALA PISCHINA , MARINA DELLE ROSE and LA CIACCIA in the north sardina and ORISTANO ( FUNTANA MEIGA) which’s in the west coast of the island“

Varrux_5 evening Session at his homespot

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Some people say that if you’re driving a lot, it’s possible to sail almost every day on Sardinia. True?

Varrux: „It’s absolutely true !! From north to south sardinia it’s about 400 km and if you check the forecasts and don’t care about a roadtrip everyday you should score conditions almost every day… somewhere.“

Will we see you at some competitions next year? What’s the plan?

Varrux:My plan for 2015 it’s to participate all european freestyle pro tour stops and make some cool videos all around the world !!“

Thx for the interview Varrux! Have a nice christmas time and a good 2015. If you want to follow him – here’s his brandnew facebook page

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