Aloha Classic 2014 – Best Move + Best Wave

Flagge_deutsch Der 10. Tag des Starboard Severne PWA Aloha Classic war wie gemacht um einen der spannendsten Wettkämpfe der vergangenen Jahre ausklingen zu lassen. Sonne & Welle satt ließ viele Locals und alle anderen Fahrer die noch auf Maui sind für eine „Soulsession“ aufs Wasser gehen – ganz ohne Competition Stress , Heat Timer und Punkte im Hinterkopf.

Für uns gilt es noch den Gewinner des Dunkerbeck Eyewear „Best Wave und Best Move“ Contests zu verkünden. Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Ricardo Campello, der sich mit einem grandiosen Goiter und 9,88 Punkten diesen Titel sichern konnte. Dank „Schützenhilfe“ von Marcilio Browne – und später Thomas Traversa, schafft es Ricardo sogar overall mit Rang 3 noch aufs Treppchen – im nächsten Jahr wird er zu 100% wieder mit aller Kraft auf den Titel gehen. It’s your turn Ricardo!

Unten findet ihr außerdem noch ein Interview mit Dany Bruch & Boujmaa Guilloul, die das Aloha Classic 2014 nochmal Revue passieren lassen und über ihre Pläne für den Winter sprechen.

Flag_EnglishThe tenth day of the Starboard Severne PWA Aloha Classic saw an idyllic day on Maui, with wall-to-wall sunshine and pumping surf. With the event site all packed up, Ho’okipa was packed with locals making the most of their home break again. 

Dunkerbeck Eyewear Best Wave and Best Move:

Ricardo Campello (Patrik / Point-7 / MFC) claimed both the best move and best move as he earned 9.88 points from the judges with a huge goiter, which was backed up with a hell turn.

Ricardo busting it out

We also caught up with Dany Bruch (Starboard / Challenger Sails / AL360) and Boujmaa Guilloul (Starboard / Severne / Mystic / MFC).

PWA: How was the contest for you?

Dany Bruch: „Oh well, it was fun to be out in Hookipa with only 3 more guys, but I have to come here more often…I really enjoy it and I am looking to spend some time here in the near future.“

Boujmaa Guilloul: “The contest was lot of fun for me, had a lot of time in the water with only 3 other guys out between awt and pwa which is a unique chance here at hookipa, got some different conditions the whole week and super happy with my results.”

PWA: After Maui what will you be doing?

Dany Bruch: “I will be going home to Tenerife. Winter has just started and waves are pumping! I will be training full power like always off water and will spend as much time as possible in the water sailing, surfing etc. I have planed to make a few trips over the winter on forecasts…want to go to Cape Verde, Cape Town and Morrocco…there will be a R&D trip to WA in between too…got the Photoshoot in March back in Maui and another trip in the cold for right after…2015 PWA Tenerife event organization is on the schedule too…plus a few more things…I will also get married end of May!!!!…yeah…got a full agenda…;-) .”

Boujmaa Gouilloul: “Heading back home by the end of the event and hopefully will score some conditions there.”

Boujmaa_Dany Moments of brilliance for Boujmaa & Dany

PWA: In the summer you held a clinic in Tenerife – when is your next clinic and what standard do you need to be to attend?

Dany Bruch: “Yeah it was the first clinic we held and it was a great success! Adam, Bouj and I created this new brand, Solution Windsurf, were we want to be running clinics under with a fix date from year to year. The plan is to have at least 5 a year to start with, some in Tenerife and some in Morrocco. We are looking into other destinations like Brazil, Cape Verde, Ireland etc too, but we first need to get it running. It’s a pretty cool project…I have been doing random clinics here and there for the past years and I think its time now to work a bit more detailed and professional way on it…I recon there is lots to do still. The fun part on it is that any level can join us, that is the great thing in Windsurfing, you are always learning!! No matter at what level you are! “

Boujmaa Guilloul: “Hopefully mid December this year in tenerife again, and also hoping for more in Morocco again early next year if things work out, anyone is more than welcome, we mostly coach all levels starting wave sailing to expert.”

PWA: Where can you find more details about the clinic?

Dany Bruch: “We are just finishing our website, it should be up and running in the next week, until it’s done, you can find us on Facebook or email us directly on :

PWA: Thanks, Boujmaa and Dany.

Text: Chris Yates / PWA , all pics by John Carter / PWA