Flagge_deutschVor wenigen Wochen ging eine „Secrets of the Wind“ Facebook Seite online und viele Freestyle Fans rätselten was es mit diesem neuen Projekt von Steven van Broeckhoven und Andraž Žan auf sich hat. Jetzt kommt Licht ins Dunkle.

Der Freestyle Weltmeister aus dem Jahr 2011 und 4-fache European Champion bricht in einem Jaguar XF Sportbrake vom 05. Mai – 03. Juni an die besten Windsurf Spots Europas auf. Ein echter Roadtrip liegt vor dem Belgier und Andraž Žan – Stevens guter Kumpel und neuer JP/NP Teamkollege – ist mit der Kamera dabei. Wir sind sehr gespannt, schließlich haben die beiden schon einige gute Videos gemeinsam verwirklichen können. Mehr Infos gibts unten!

Flag_EnglishNeilPryde/JP-Australia/Jaguar to partner with 2011 Windsurfing World Champion and four-time European Champion Steven van Broeckhoven for “Secrets of the Wind”, a unique documentary style windsurfing travel adventure. From May 5th to June 3rd 2014 Steven will travel across Europe in a Jaguar XF Sportbrake stopping at Europe’s best windsurfing locations to live out his passion for windsurfing, meet his fans, interact with sports’ celebrities and create exciting stories along the way.

A dedicated microsite as well as regular updates on NeilPryde Social Media Channels will enable the public to follow the journey in real time via #Secretsofthewind and #NeilPryde.



NeilPryde, JP-Australia and the iconic British car manufacturer Jaguar will partner with 2011 Windsurfing World Champion Steven van Broeckhoven for a unique documentary style windsurfing travel story “Secrets of the Wind”. From May 5th to June 3rd 2014 Steven and friends will embark on a windsurfing adventure through Europe, which will be documented via a series of short films produced by NeilPryde/JP team rider Andraž Žan.

Following the wind is the dream and passion of every windsurfer and its arrival always signals the beginning of a new adventure. The wind brings a sense of freedom, escape, adrenaline and the excitement of the unknown. The films will attempt to capture the essence of the wind and how it makes one feel alive as seen through the eyes of the ultimate wind worshipper.


“I believe that ‘Secrets of the Wind’ will be an amazing journey and an opportunity to showcase the windsurfing lifestyle, how alive it is and what it means to me”, says Steven van Broeckhoven. “I am particularly excited to travel to my favourite windsurfing destinations in the Jaguar XF Sportbrake, a car that for me represents the ideal windsurfing travel companion thanks to its dynamic ability, practicality and versatility.”

Steven will be starting his journey in Belgium and then following the wind to the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and Portugal. “Jaguar is delighted to partner with one of the world’s best windsurfers Steven van Broeckhoven for this exciting journey and provide real time updates on Jaguar’s European Social Media channels. The Sport of Windsurfing is one of the most ‘alive’ sporting disciplines and fits well with our brand promise of delivering an Alive driving experience,” says Marc Lee, Jaguar Brand Manager Europe.


Alex Zenovic, NeilPryde Marketing Director, had this to add: “We are excited to be working with Jaguar again on another collaboration that will promote the sport of windsurfing to the wider community in Europe. This is also a unique opportunity for Steven to show off his skills on a much bigger stage and also have some fun along the way.”

A dedicated microsite as well as regular updates on NeilPryde Social Media Channels will enable the public to follow the journey in real time via #NeilPryde and #Secretsofthewind.

Steven van Broeckhoven in Sardinia / Pittulongu | Video by Marco Piro

and here’s a video from Lake Garda with Rossi – powered by fancy tree films

Gallery with updates – click for fullsize – all pics by Andraz Zan | Secrets of the Wind

That’s it – that’s all – 10500km in 28days, 13spots in 7 countries. Steven van Broeckhoven is back home.

Steven: Great trip, a lot of new experience and a lot of sailing. First episode will drop end of july and next trip will start end of august in Greece.

The trailer is online

Pics by Andraz Zan – Press Release by NeilPryde