EFE/EFPT Six Fours les Plages: Final Day

Flagge_deutsch Die Vorhersage für den letzten Wettkampftag in „Six Fours les Plages“ versprach nichts Gutes – und sie sollte Recht behalten. Keine Double Elimination für die EFPT sondern wieder „nur“ Tow-In , dafür heute mit 2 Jet-Ski’s wodurch die Moves, durch die entstehende Welle, noch radikaler wurden.

Adam Sims (Patrik/Sailloft) holte sich den „best trick“ mit einem Funnel into Air-Funnel off the Wave – perfektes Timing!

EFE_13_19 Adam Sims

Das Ergebnis der Single Elimination ist somit auch das Eventergebnis von Six Fours les Plages. Steven van Broeckhoven gewinnt vor Dieter van der Eyken und Local Adrien Bosson.

Keine Veränderung auf den ersten beiden Plätzen in der Gesamtwertung. Nach 2009 und 2010 holt sich Steven van Broeckhoven zum dritten Mal den EFPT Titel. Dieter van der Eyken erreicht Rang 2 vor Adrian Beholz der , wie letztes Jahr, auf Rang 3 landet. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

EFE_13_16 Top 3 Overall

Für alle Freestyler geht es somit nun endgültig in die Winterpause und für allen steht ein trainingsreicher Winter bevor um nächstes Jahr wieder in Topform neue Moves im Heat platzieren zu können.

2nd podcast

Flag_English As already expected, Sunday didn’t deliver the right conditions for the double elimination of the European freestyle battle. With a lot of sunshine the beach was filling up fast throughout the day, so to keep the crowds entertained the organizers called for a tow-in best trick competition. Every rider who wanted to participate had an opportunity to show their best moves and try out new maneuvers in the two hours that the jet-skis were reserved for. After practicing in this discipline, during the last few days, and also a lot in general, there is always a request for new variations. With the successful use of a powerboat to create waves in Russia, the local organizers wanted to make this very impressive tow-in modification possible for the riders.

EFE_13_21 Nicolas Akgazciyan

The riders surprised the crowd on the beach with the height and the speed of their moves. The trophy for the best trick in the tow-in supersession went to the Adam Sims (Patrik/Sailloft) from the UK who surprised many with a perfectly timed funnel into air-funnel off the wave, launching into the first funnel before the wake of the boat and then bouncing off the wake into a huge air funnel, which technically scored very high with the rider judges.

With no double elimination we have a counting result for this event from the single elimination. Steven van Broeckhoven 1st, Dieter van der Eyken 2nd and local boy Adrien Bosson who finished 3rd. Congratulations

EFE_13_18 2nd for Dieter

Steven Van Broeckhoven (JP/Neilpryde) is crowned the new European freestyle champion for the third time. Van der Eyken (Starboard/Severne) takes second place whilst Adrian Beholz (Sailloft/Fanatic) holds his third place overall from last year.

Steven:I am really happy to be up here again. In 2009 I won the title for the first year and that was when it all started for me (…) Also now it’s not easy to win the European title, as Dieter and the other guys are not easy to beat, so I am super stoked that I won it again this year.“  EFE_13_17

Winter break for all the freestylers now. We’re looking forward to your winter videos, travel stories and more competing in the next year. We’ll keep you up2date

Text: EFPT, windsurfnews,de – All pics by Alexis Frenet